Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hands Full Photos Pricing ~ 2014

As a mother of nine, I know how precious each dollar can be in a growing family. Therefore, I have made a conscious decision to offer budget-conscious, competitive pricing to fit all families. That's why I give out full negatives of all the best photos from our shoot and I don't charge per print. The digital photos you receive with each package will include high-quality, full-resolution images so that you may create, share, and print these images now and in the future.

Not everyone loves getting their picture taken and sometimes a shorter photography shoot works better for families with young children.

That's why I offer two kinds of photoshoots:

1. The Photo Blast. This is for those of you who want some great pictures for the wall or for Christmas cards, but know baby Jack or hubbie Joe will not put up with lots of different posing or moving around to change backgrounds. These shoots are typically close to home -- in my wooded backyard, your landscaped one, or at a nearby park. The shoot will last between 20 and 30 minutes and the focus will be on what you want most -- getting that perfect shot with everyone looking great, then smaller groups and individuals. I'm believe great photos don't have to take a lot of time and I know how important it is to be flexible, especially when working with little ones.

 2. The Photo Full. This is for those who want the traditional photos plus plenty of fun lifestyle, candid, and unique shots. We'll still get the same important shots as in the photo blast, but we'll move around a lot more, take more photos, and have a lot of fun. These sessions last from 60 to 75 minutes depending on the location and the size of the group.

2013 Pricing
Price includes:
- Time and Talent of Photographer
- Digital Development & Enhancement of the Best Images from the Shoot
- Full-Resolution Digital Images Ready to Print

Family Session
1. The Photo Blast = $85
2. The Photo Full = $130 for a single family of up to 12 individuals; see extended family pricing for larger groups

Extended Family Session
1. The Photo Blast = Not offered for groups this large
2. The Photo Full = $165

Couples & Engagement Portrait Session
1. The Photo Blast = $85
2. The Photo Full (includes changes of outfits if desired) = $130

Wedding & Bridals
Contact me for pricing.  

Individual Portrait Session, Including Seniors
1. The Photo Blast = $65
2. The Photo Full (includes changes of outfits if desired) = $110

Newborn Portrait Session
1. The Photo Blast = $85
2. The Photo Full (includes changes of outfits if desired) = $120

Mini Sessions
From time to time, I offer quick photo shoots at my home at very competitive pricing. Watch my blog for announcements of when and where these will happen. These are mainly for individuals and small families or for special occasions such as Valentines Day or Halloween.

Please email me at handsfullmom at gmail with any questions or to schedule your session. I look forward to working with you!