Friday, December 12, 2014

Canvas and Print Prices

My sessions always include the best full-resolution digital files of your session so you can print, create, share, and archive your photos however you like.

For your convenience, I offer various prints, canvases, and other specialty items for you.  These are printed at professional-quality photo labs and will be drop-shipped to your address within a few weeks.  Orders less than $40 will be charged a small shipping and handling fee.

Canvas Gallery Wraps:

16 x 20   $   60
20 x 30   $   90
24 x 36   $ 120

(other sizes available upon request)

Metal Prints (printed on 1/16" Aluminum):

8 x 10     $   60
11 x 14   $   80
20 x 30   $ 190

These are amazing and make your images vivid and beautiful!

Traditional Prints with Lustre Coating:

Set of 4 Wallets               $  3
4 x 6                                 $  4
8 x 10                               $  9
16 x 20                             $ 35
20 x 30                             $ 45


  1. I love one of the temple pictures that you have taken, how much do you charge to put that on a canvas and ship it to me? Is that about the same as the prices listed above, or what is it?

    1. I haven't really been selling prints, as I just don't have time. However, if you want to email me at handsfullmom at gmail, I can get something together for you at cost. I apologize that I didn't see this comment earlier.