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What to Expect from Your Newborn Session

Why 10 days of life?

What should I bring?

What should I expect?

Canvas and Print Prices

My sessions always include the best full-resolution digital files of your session so you can print, create, share, and archive your photos however you like.

For your convenience, I offer various prints, canvases, and other specialty items for you.  These are printed at professional-quality photo labs and will be drop-shipped to your address within a few weeks.  Orders less than $40 will be charged a small shipping and handling fee.

Canvas Gallery Wraps:

16 x 20   $   60
20 x 30   $   90
24 x 36   $ 120

(other sizes available upon request)

Metal Prints (printed on 1/16" Aluminum):

8 x 10     $   60
11 x 14   $   80
20 x 30   $ 190

These are amazing and make your images vivid and beautiful!

Traditional Prints with Lustre Coating:

Set of 4 Wallets               $  3
4 x 6                                 $  4
8 x 10                               $  9
16 x 20                             $ 35
20 x 30                             $ 45

About Me

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear?

Clothing choice can be challenging.  Of course, the easy choice is to have everyone wear all the same color, but sometimes that can come across like a team sport photo rather than a family.  What I like to suggest is that you find clothes that coordinate well rather than match exactly.  One option is to find a sweater or a shirt you like that has several colors in it and then try to bring those colors out in the clothes others wear.  You could also simply choose a color scheme like “red, white and blue," “jewel tones," or "earth tones" and see what you can find in your closets to fit.  It can be helpful to lay out all the clothes for everyone on the floor and stand back.  Squint at them and see how they mesh together.  Typically, small pops of color are wonderful, especially on little babies.   Layers also work well, with colorful scarfs, jewelry, or jackets adding great accents. 
Many different colors, but they go together well.

Lots of shades of blue, but look how nice the peach color on the baby enhances the overall effect.

Finally, here are a few more tips:
·    If you would like to appear slimmer, wear similar tones for your top and bottom (both dark or both light) and wear longer sleeves (at least to the elbow) and longer pants or skirt.  In general, darker colors work better than light for hiding extra curves.
·    Avoid large logos, characters, and loud patterns on your clothes.  They tend to date your photograph quickly. 

·    Think about how formal or casual you want your shoot to be and how willing you are to move in the clothing you wear.  Jeans and slacks make for a more flexible shoot because it’s easier to sit in the grass and pose with them.  On the other hand, more formal photos in dressier clothes might suit your style better.  

If you want more ideas and inspiration, I love the tips and photos on this photography website:

11 Tips for What to Wear in Family Photos

They have multiple pages of inspiration sheets, such as these:

Where do typically shoot sessions?  Would you be willing to come to [my home, a park, a specific place, etc.]?

My favorite location for shooting is my own backyard, which includes 3.5 acres of woods, with a pond, the river, and multiple locations.  You can scroll through some recent sessions taken there if you like, or see below for a sampling of portraits through the seasons.


Below, I showcase various photos taken mainly in the summer:

I also enjoy shooting at various places around Utah County.  One popular location is the Provo Orchard, which includes apple orchards as well as a campus nearby with stone steps, a castle-like structure, and an ampitheater.  There is a location fee of $20 to shoot here, but it is certainly worth it.


Both my backyard and parts of the orchard location can accommodate large groups.  Another fun place, especially for extended family groups, is the Provo Library.

I've also shot at Utah Lake, Various Parks, Provo Canyon, and various other locations.  I also enjoy taking photos in family's own backyards throughout the valley.  The memories there can be especially meaningful.

What should I expect at my session?

This is the fun part!  Relax and enjoy yourself and let me focus on getting genuine expressions from your children and making you look your best.  Most families are pleased and surprised at how quickly I move through a session.  With nine kids, I have a good sense for how short children’s attention spans can be, and I honor that by quickly moving from pose to pose, getting great expressions, and being flexible when kids are losing focus.  Typically, with a family session, we will start with the getting the whole family photo, then move through smaller groups and finish up with individual shots showcasing your children’s personalities.  If there is a particular shot you’d like, let me know and I’ll work it in.  Please be prepared to have your own photo taken individually as well.  Take advantage of this opportunity to update your Facebook profile picture or have a great photo taken for a resume.   

If this is an extended family session, we will focus on getting the largest group shots first, then move quickly through individual family poses and even some individuals, depending on time constraints and the size of the group.  

If you are coming for a newborn session, see here for what to expect.

How soon will I see my images?

Typically, within a week, I will pop a few of my favorite photos from your session up on Facebook and/or my photo blog.  Feel free to tag your photos and share with your friends and family.

How and when should I expect to receive my images?

Within four weeks, I will individually edit and enhance the best photos from your session (taking out photos with closed eyes, poor expressions, etc.) and email or message you a link to download the photos.  I find that using an online link works best for families to be able to share and access their photos rather than having to wait for a CD to be delivered.  You are welcome to share the link with others in your family you may also want to access your photos.  The link will be active and work for at least a month before the images will be removed.

Do you sell large prints, canvases or specialty items?

Yes.  I've done some research and found some of the best photo labs in the country with the best prices to offer to my clients.  I post a price list here.  Since I also give you the full-resolution images to print, I price these to save you time and energy, not to make myself a large profit.

Where should I print my images?

There is a wide variety of quality levels from the various photo labs.  Honestly, the Costco photo center is not a bad option for small prints, cards, and the like and I use them often.  But if you want the best quality, with the most vivid colors, it's better to go with a professional lab.  One of my favorites, for its prices as well as it's quality (I've printed the same photo here and at Costco just to compare) is

Be sure that where-ever you print, you do NOT have the lab color correct or otherwise alter your photos as this could cause degradations in your image quality.  My professional equipment, editing software and color calibrated moniter is designed to give you the sharpest images and most vivid colors.  These types of "color-correcting" services are designed for images taken with point-and-shoot cameras that are not already processed with professional software.

Hands Full Photos 2015 Pricing

Price includes the best full-resolution digital files from each session.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dotter Family at the Orchard ~ Provo Family Photographer

A lovely morning and lovely setting for this beautiful family.

H Family at the Orchard ~ Provo Family Photographer

Beautiful morning for this lovely family.  This little cutie is going to add a new member this fall!

Is he the cutest or what?