Sunday, April 18, 2010

One Amazing Family ~ Utah County Family Photography

This is my best friend's family. It was such a privilege to take their photos yesterday. Rachel is an amazing mother of six and you would have been shocked at how easy they were to photograph! I've often said I want to be like Rachel when I grow up, and she and her husband's relaxed, patient attitude during photos confirmed that (I'm always stressed out when our family's pictures are getting taken!).

This is the kind of picture I want of me and all my kids sometime:

This is another of my favorites:

The happy couple:

And some individual ones of the kids:


  1. Those are great!! What a fun group of people to work with. I love the one with the blossoms behind them and hints of the "Red barn" type of building.

  2. Great shots! I love the kids photo and the couple adnd the close up of the girl in green... all of them :)

  3. What a cute family, and as always, you did a wonderful job! I love the one with just the children. So sweet!

  4. beautiful job! One day you will get one of your precious ones, just like that! One day at a time!