Friday, April 16, 2010

J Family Photos ~ Utah County Family Photography

This family was so fun to photograph, though a few of the kids weren't too excited about getting their photos taken. My style, though, is to get in, get the photos, and get out, and 45 fairly painless minutes later, plus some time processing the photos in Photoshop, and we have some great treasures.

I think this one is my favorite, because it's almost perfect, but not quite -- don't you love the tongue sticking out?

When I told my husband which family's photos I was taking, he said, "Oh, their girls are so cute!" And they are -- what's more, they know just how to pose!

And their oldest has got a great smile, too!

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  1. Great pictures! What park are they taken at? I've been into family photography for awhile now, and I've been looking for great locations to shoot.