Monday, January 18, 2010

Allison & Sarah {Twins Photography Sanpete County Utah}

DH convinced me at the last minute to spend the weekend with his parents in rural Sanpete County. I told him I still needed to do a photoshoot on Saturday, though I wasn't quite sure where I would find good backgrounds, since the parks down there are not quite the same as the ones here. I needn't have worried. I knew my in-laws had a beautiful log house that would work for backgrounds . . .

. . . and I knew they had some nice evergreen trees I could pose the girls in front of . . .

. . . but I'd forgotten they also had some great historic touches, such as the wagon owned by my kids' great-great grandfather!

I think this was my favorite shoot yet.
Of course it helps that I had such cute girls to work with!

If only they'd listen and smile nicely for the camera all the time,
shots like this would have been perfect:

But despite the fact that these two five-year-olds are full of spunk and personality, and probably because of it, we got some wonderful photos!

The point of the shoot was to get some great photos of the two of them together, but I also took a few cute solo shots here and there:

There was a lot of snow, but we also had tons of mud to deal with -- look closely at her boots!

It was really hard to choose just the best to put on this blog; there were so many keepers. However, I think these two are my favorites. I love the old-fashioned, vintage look to them.


  1. love em! Utah sure is beautiful with the SNOW! Darling girls.

  2. Great job! I Love the solo shots too, so sweet. The last two pictures are my favorite.